C&G Artpartment is a Hong Kong based, multidisciplinary art space, involving an art exhibition space, a visual art education unit, a small art book store etc... With a strong concern over the local art ecology, C&G helps develop new flavors in the local art scene, use art to respond to social and cultural issues, and provide art education programs for the public. Its essential goal is to fill up the crack in the current art scene, and become an art space for idea exchanges.

Current and Upcoming Art Activities:

On Fire 2018 (Decongestant for West-Kowloonization Sereis)

The year before, we started to have “On Fire” art action on the day of Chinese Ghost Festival (July Fourteenth of the Lunar calendar). With various positive feedbacks, C&G hosted “On Fire” again last year at the night of July Thirteenth of the Lunar calendar until July Fourteenth’s beginning on Sunday: September 3, 2017. Artists were invited to express their views on various ridiculous current issues in town, through burning off their artworks mainly made out of paper and bamboo sticks. This year, we will have “On Fire” again on the day of Ghost Festival, in collaboration with artists in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and Britain. Artists at different locations will burn off their paper artworks at the same time, in order to use their art to question all kinds of ridiculous issues around them.

Artists:(Hong Kong) HO Lok Chung, LI Po Man Bobo, CHENG Kit Yan Anita, WONG Miu Wan, KONG Chun Pong, CHANG Yue Lam, Chip Good Guy Studio, TANG Shu Wing, Jeff LEUNG, YU Wing Kei (Rik), Clara CHEUNG, Gum CHENG Yee Man Participating artists from Taiwan, Singapore and other countries will be announced soon!
Documentary Partner: LIU To
Time of On-site Activity: 8:00-9:30pm, (Sun) 24 Aug, 2018
Place of On-site Activity in HK: Nullah Rd & Tung Choi St, Prince Edward, KLN, HK
Documentation Exhibition: (Fri) 15 Sep, 2018 to (Sun) 22 Oct, 2018
Exhibition Time: 2:00 - 7:00pm, Thur to Mon, (Closed on Tue, Wed and Public Holiday)
Exhibition Address: C & G Artpartment, 3/F, 222 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Prince Edward, KLN, Hong Kong

Under-The-Bed Screening

The "Under-the-Bed" series will be further developed after the summer. Another special version of "Under-The-Bed" Art Quiz will be launched in September!!!! Stay tuned to learn more about it!
**To review our past Under-The-Bed Screenings, please check out:
!!C&G Under-The-Bed Screening!!

Exhibitions in the Past:

Back To The Basic



The Preview of New
West Kowloon Exhibition Venue

Sick Leave

Under The Bird's Nest




6644Fix It

C & G: A Passion For Creation

Primitive Contemporary II

Nothing But Development


West KLN Cultural
Revolution District

Hong Kong Whispers

Primitive Contemporary 3


Primitive Contemporary 4


Art Hotpot (Poland)

Art Hotpot (HK)

Official Retraining Scheme

"Mumbai Art Exchange" Documentation Exhibition

"International Sick Leave Day 2013"

"Not Yet Art Fair"

"HK-Israel Art Exchange"

"I'm a Grade D Artist"

"Is There Love In This Air?"

"Apartment Curatorial"


In Search of the Peachland

TransWalk -
performance art
exchange documentation

Curate No More
Art Project

His-Stories --
Exhibition of Gum Cheng


Decongestants Series:

"Curate No More"
Book Launch

Decongestants Series:
On Fire

Decongestants Series:
We Wet


Journey to the East

R:ead#5 in HK

Decongestants Series:
On Fire 2017


Decongestants Series:
Beat It 2018

from Our Public Encounters

Dreaming in
Black and White

Art Talks in the Past:
Artist Talk on the Contemporary Art Scene in Poland (Dec 3, 2008)
Art Talk Series in Feb 2009 ("A Study of Alternative Art Communities" and "Reverse Reality")
Fluxus Film Fest, curated by Piet Trantel (11 Dec, 2010)
LAW Man Lok Cultural Exchange Sharing session(20 Dec, 2013)
"ARTIVISM ---Based on personal experience and practice" by Rokko Juhasz (from Slovakia / Hungary) (14 Apr, 2016)


1. "In Search of the Peachland" Project Catalogue

This is the documentation of the art exchange project between Busan and Kam Tin, curated by C&G, in 2015.

2. “Curate No More” Gum’s Art Project (2013-2015)

This is the documentation of the ten art projects Gum CHENG did from 2013 to 2015, under the title of "Curate No More".

3."Black White Q&A 2007-2010" Gum CHENG Yee Man Solo Art Exhibition"


The background for these animation pieces lies in the 13-day art camp at Puck, Poland in Sept, 2009. Applying their previous experience at other residency programs, C&G chose to make stop-motion animations, which involve both drawing and photograph.

5. "C & G Artpartment 2007-08"
Please click "here" to download the online version in .pdf format.

This publication is about the living condition of C&G Artpartment in 2007-2008, consisting of 7 interviews with participating artists, articles by an art critic and other audience. This is printed in both Chinese and English, with 270 pages, and can serve very well for liberal arts studies for the contemporary art scene in Hong Kong. Please click here for more info and selling spots!