¡§The Preview of New West Kowloon Exhibition Venue¡¨

The reason to entitle the current exhibition ¡§The Preview of New West Kowloon Exhibition Venue¡¨ is not because we do believe the only possibility for the West Kowloon reclamation must be an ¡§art and cultural district.¡¨ (For example, why can¡¦t it be a huge park for the public?) However, after learning about the 10 major infrastructure projects in the Policy Address 2007-08 by Chief Executive Donald Tsang, we have a feeling that it is quite impossible for this West Kowloon area to be anything else but a ¡§cultural district.¡¨

Recently, during his duty visit to Beijing, Chief Executive Donald Tsang also visited the 798 Art District, which is not composed of contemporary architectures, huge shopping malls, gigantic museums, but just many abandoned factory buildings from the 1950¡¦s. Actually, Hong Kong used to have a similar artist village at North Point¡¦s Oil Street in 1999, even before the appearance of 798. The Oil Street artist village was in a self-initiative, highly adaptive and flexible mode, which is also the characteristic for the 798 district. Unfortunately, due to the government policy back then, the Oil Street art space had run for one year only. It is an important question whether the Tsang government is willing to learn from the case of Oil Street and 798 for the policy making in the West Kowloon project.

If West Kowloon reclamation must be an art and cultural district, it follows there must also be an exhibition venue for visual arts in this area. As a visual artist, we are very eager to take a peep at this new exhibition venue. Thus, C&G Artpartment is going to launch a preview exhibit of this future venue between December 15, 2007 to January 27, 2008. Compared to the West Kowloon showroom, the venue for this preview exhibit is a miniature with 300 square feet only.

The participating artists in this exhibition are from different generations, have different backgrounds, and work in various media. They are invited to use their artworks to respond to one of the followings: 1) What kind of art do you think the new West Kowloon exhibition venue will most likely display? or 2)Please make an art piece that you strongly wish to be displayed in the new West Kowloon exhibition venue. We hope this show can help one look at the West Kowloon project in a more creative and critical way!


Curated by¡G C & G

Participating Artists¡G TANG Ying Chi, CHAN So Yee, CHAN Siu Min, LEE Kit, TSE Galen, Li Wei Han, MA Ivy, CHOI Hoi Ying, LAM Laam, WONG Chi Fai, HO Yuen Leung, CHOW Chun Fai, SIY Tak Yin, LAU Hok Shing, KU Christopher, WU Chun Yin Aries, Sugar CHAN Hau Yuen, C & G,

Opening: 6:00pm, (Sat)15 December, 2007

Exhibition Period: (Sat)15 December, 2007 - (Sun)27 January, 2008

Exhibition Time: 2:00 - 7:30pm, Thursday to Monday, (Closed on Tue, Wed and Public Holiday)

Address: 3/F, 222 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Prince Edward, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Behind Pioneer Centre)

ARTWORKS from this show:

" Weeds from the West Kowloon 2007"   by Jaffa Lam


Repainting "¡§A Box¡¨" by Wong Chi Fai



by Choi Hoi Ying


Other artworks from this exhibit:

Repainting "¡§A Cultural hub in the making West Kowloon Cultural District¡¨" by Chow Chun Fai

"Space¢¹&II" by Aries Wu

"My Heart" by Siy Tak Yin

"Look into the distance" by Galen Tse


"Seeding¡EGrowing¡ELooking Into The Future" by Chan Siu Min


"Set Me Free II " by Chan So Yee


"Untitled" by Ivy Ma


"Chan Hau Yuen, Sugar" by Chan Hau Yuen, Sugar