C&G單格動畫2009 C&G Stop-motion Animation 2009

---“No Time for Art” VS “No Money for Art”---

本書的作品之背景是C & G(張嘉莉 及 鄭怡敏)於2009年9月應邀到波蘭參與為期十三天的藝術交流計劃中,駐場創作之作品。是次駐場透過向不同地區的參與藝術家(分別來自波蘭、俄羅斯、羅馬尼亞、保加利亞、白俄羅斯、法國及英國)分享、講述(sharing & present)創作意念與過程,去達到互相交流的目的。C & G藝術單位的藝術方向是回應社會、政治議題,與波蘭一直以來的主流批判式藝術發展方向不謀而合。所以C & G於是次交流活動的創作方向,都會是從批判角度出發。嘗試以香港人的目光,窺探和認知這片陌生的異國文化面貌。

《 波蘭藝術家總表示「無錢攪藝術」;而香港藝術家總表示「無暇攪藝術」。兩者都欠缺一些東西去成就藝術,而前者欠的是有形的、形而下的;而後者欠的是無形的、形而上的。這正正體現作為社會主義的社會(曾經)及資本主義的社會之間,互相欠缺的究竟是甚麼?而這個提問也就成為是次交流計劃的重要探討方向。

是次交流活動,大部份參與藝術家以平面繪畫藝術為主要創作媒介。而C & G則嘗試參考其過往駐場活動創作單格動畫的經驗,運用跨媒介的創作模式,透過繪畫、攝影、錄像,再製作成單格動畫,作為是次交流計劃的創作作品,讓是次以平面繪畫藝術為主要創作媒介的活動,加入一點新元素

The background for these animation pieces lies in the 13-day art camp (or what we usually call: artist-in-residency program) C&G (Clara Cheung and Gum Cheng) participated in Puck, Poland in September of 2009. Through artist sharing, presentations, on-site art-making and exhibitions, C&G had a fruitful experience of artistic and cultural exchanges with other 13 artists (from Poland, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, White Russia, France and Britain) during the residency. The art direction of C&G has always been about important social and political issues, which is similar to the critical style of the major art trend in the contemporary Polish art scene. This time in Poland, C&G attempt to peek at and, further more, learn about the cultural scene of this strange piece of land with their Hongkongers¡¦ ways of seeing.

¡§No money for art¡¨ seems to happen a lot in Poland, while ¡§no time for art¡¨ is always true for Hong Kong people. Both Poland and Hong Kong seem to be the third-world regions when it comes to contemporary art. And, both are lack of something for art: the previous being more practical, while the latter more invisible. Looking into artworks evolved from the above phenomena, perhaps one can find out what a socialist society (used to be) and a capitalist society need from each other. This is the question C&G had in mind during the art camp

Most artist in the art camp used painting as their art medium. Applying their previous experience at other residency programs, C&G chose to make stop-motion animations, which involve both drawing and photography, in order to input some fresh elements into the camp.

Links of the Animations:

"礐"-張嘉莉 "Bump" by Clara Cheung

"在波蘭,阿金都識跳舞"-鄭怡敏 "Gum Can Dance in Poland"by Gum

"刻舟求竿"-鄭怡敏 "In Search Of The Fishing Pole"by Gum

"礐礐"-張嘉莉 "Bumps" by Clara Cheung

"畫水思源"-鄭怡敏 "Restart With The Wate" by Gum


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