ˇ§Sick Leavesˇ¨ Conceptual Art Exhibition

Despite our advanced technology nowadays, more and more diseases appear, like various urban diseases, cancers, muscular diseases, occupation diseases, communicable diseases, metal illnesses and other unknown diseases. Is the function of technology to "label" new diseases or to efficiently heal the existed ones?

Recently, I have been looking for orange seeds for my family member as medical use (orange seeds are a kind of Chinese herbal medicine that can help with the circulation of "chi" and pain relief). Then, I realize the oranges I eat everyday have had changes for quite a while. They simply do not have seeds inside anymore. Orange seeds, which are helpful to our health, disappear under genetic manipulation by human, because we nowadays are too busy for seed spill.

The concepts of healthy diet, balanced diet, organic diet and being environmental friendly are more and more popular in Hong Kong recently. On one hand, this shows Hong Kong people care about their own health much more. On the other hand, it indicates Hong Kong people have neglected this issue for a long long time and need to be re-educated. The actual problem is that many people in this city do not have enough rest, since taking a rest is a "luxury" for the working class. Working without any wage protection and without any long-term contract, many Hongkongers cannot afford to stop working. In Cantonese, it is called "having the time to die but no time to be sick."

The ideal of course is if everyone can have enough time and space to take some rest before s/he is sick. However, space is another "luxury good" for Hong Kong people. Due to the amazingly high land price, even the public space in this city often is transformed to be commercial space. After all, having official "sick leaves" perhaps is the only way out. It allows one to have a break, and to have a chance for "rehab." It is suggested to take time for art exhibitions and activities during one's "sick leaves," since art probably can help a patient to recover, or just help a normal body to relax.

The current exhibit invites different artists, including a self-employer, an educator, an art researcher, and a full-time artist, to examine their relationships with "sick leaves," to look into how "sick leaves" allow one to take a break from the institutional living style, and to explore the meanings of the causes and consequences of "sick leaves."


Curated byˇG C & G

Participating Artists: KUM Chi Keung, LEE Pik Wai(Louise), SO Hing Keung, WONG Wai Yin(Doris), CHEUNG Clara & CHENG Yee Man(GUM)

Opening: 6:00pm, (Sun)13 April, 2008

Exhibition Period: (Mon)14 April 2008 - (Sat)31 May, 2008

Exhibition Time: 2:00 - 7:30pm, Thursday to Monday, (Closed on Tue, Wed and Public Holiday)

Address: 3/F, 222 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Prince Edward, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Behind Pioneer Centre)

"International Sick Leave Day" by Gum Cheng

"Sick Leave Certificate" by Clara Cheung


Art Pieces from "Sick Leave":

Views from Exhibition

Exhibit Opening

Exhibit Opening

"3 Stars On My Tummy" BY Louise Lee
Media: Charcoal, Home made Gesso on MDF
Dimension: 6fts x 4 fts

"International Sick Leave Day -- 13th May" BY Gum Cheng

"Free Chinese Meidical Advice for Art Labours" BY Doris Wong
Media:Happening, Photo Documentation

"Free Chinese Meidical Advice for Art Labours" BY Doris Wong
Media:Happening, Photo Documentation

"1989" by Kum Chi Keung
Media: Mixed Media

"Her Functions are sick!" by So Hing Keung
Media: Photography