Besides exhibitions in C&G Artpartment's venue at Prince Edward (HK), C&G also collaborate with different organizations and curate different exhibitions or art events in various sites, like

1. "Walking to The City" (行路上省城) at Fringe Club (HK) & Fei Gallery (Guangzhou)(2010)
2. "Summer Art Cadets" at Hong Kong Museum of Art (2011, 2012, 2013)
3. "Under The Bird's Nest" at MTR Central Station's Art Tube (2008)
4. "Art Walk Extra" in Art Walk, Central, Hong Kong (2008)
5. "Art.School.Village Mixing with C&G" in Emptyscape project in Ping Che, N.T., Hong Kong(2013)
6. "Primitive Craftsmanship‧Contemporary Sculpture" at Tai Tong Lychee Valley, N.T., Hong Kong (2011)
7."Primitive Craftsmanship‧Contemporary Mechanism" at Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong (2011)
8."The Ten Practices" by Project 226, at Pao Gallery, Arts Center, Hong Kong (2011)
9."生生不息" exhibition for the grand opening of CSS shop, Central, Hong Kong (2009)

October Contemporary 2008 satellite exhibition:
“Under The Bird’s Nest”

Curated by C&G Artpartment
8.10.2008 (Wed) – 5.11.2008 (Wed)
ARTtube - MTR Central Station Entrance/Exit J

There is an old Chinese saying: "The clever bird carefully selects the tree in which it nests." When considering the newly built Bird’s Nest stadium in Beijing, this ancient expression may be interpreted in a contemporary context. Recently, artists from Hong Kong have been finding their way to Beijing to set up studios and develop their artistic careers. But can Beijing really live up to the expectations? Or, how will the 2008 Olympics contribute to the global arena? Where artists may not be concerned with the Olympics as an event, the issues surrounding it will influence them. Under the Bird's Nest invites 7 artists from Hong Kong who have set up their own nests in Beijing to share with us their ambitions, sentiments, hopes, experiences and realities.

Participating artists:
CHO Hyun Jae, CHOW Chun Fai, KWOK Meng Ho (Frog King), LAM Tung Pang, LI Pang, MOK Wai Hong, SHAM Ka Ho (Bobby)

About October Contemporary:
Hong Kong’s leading art spaces and institutions unite under one theme for a month long celebration of contemporary art.
Theme for O.C. 2008: "Attr/Action"

by Frog King

by Frog King

by Frog King

by Bobby SHAM

(frong)by MOK Wai Hong

by LI Pang

by CHOW Chun Fai

by CHO Hyun Jae