Besides exhibitions in C&G Artpartment's venue at Prince Edward (HK), C&G also collaborate with different organizations and curate different exhibitions or art events in various sites, like

1. "Walking to The City" (行路上省城) at Fringe Club (HK) & Fei Gallery (Guangzhou)(2010)
2. "Summer Art Cadets" at Hong Kong Museum of Art (2011, 2012, 2013)
3. "Under The Bird's Nest" at MTR Central Station's Art Tube (2008)
4. "Art Walk Extra" in Art Walk, Central, Hong Kong (2008)
5. "Art.School.Village Mixing with C&G" in Emptyscape project in Ping Che, N.T., Hong Kong(2013)
6. "Primitive Craftsmanship‧Contemporary Sculpture" at Tai Tong Lychee Valley, N.T., Hong Kong (2011)
7."Primitive Craftsmanship‧Contemporary Mechanism" at Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong (2011)
8."The Ten Practices" by Project 226, at Pao Gallery, Arts Center, Hong Kong (2011)
9."生生不息" exhibition for the grand opening of CSS shop, Central, Hong Kong (2009)



Exhibition Title:Walking to The City
Before the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, Chinese could freely cross the borders of Hong Kong and the mainland. Due to the lack of advanced transportation system, walking to the city of Guangzhou on foot was not rare. In the Guangzhou-Hongkong Strike of 1925, thousands of Hong Kong workers left their working positions and walked to Guangzhou in order to support the strike. In the 1940’s, during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong in the three years and eight months, Japan government enforced the repatriation policy and many Hong Kong citizens were deported back the to mainland. Instead of being considered as a foolish act, “Walking to The City of Guangzhou”could also be understood as the historical reference to the action of “uniting,” or “being deported.” According to the unofficial statistics, the rattan suitcases from Canton has been the best tripmate for those “walking to The City.”

策展人: 香港—鄭怡敏(阿金)@C & G藝術單位
Curated by HK-CHENG Yee Man(Gum)@C & G Artpartment

Presented by Hong Kong Fringe Club


Participating Artists: HK- AU Wah Yan, CHAN Man, CHEUNG Clara, CHEUNG Martin, CHUNG Wai Ian, CHU Yiu Wai, FONG Vangi, LAI Cheuk Wah, LAW Man Lok, LEE Chun Fung+LEUNG Ocean, LO Chi Kit, LO Wai Hang, TANG Kwok Hin, TONG Damon, WONG Wing Tong

14/1/2010- 12/2/2010
Exhibition dates:
January 14 – February 12, 2010

香港石硤尾賽馬會創意藝術中心 及 藝穗會 | 2.廣州扉藝廓
Exhibition venues:
Hong Kong: Fringe Club, 2 Lower Albert Rd.,Central and Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, 30 Pak Tin St., Shek Kip Mei
Guangzhou: Fei Gallery: 5 Yi Da Building, Nong Lin Xia Rd., Guangzhou.

by WONG Wing Tong

by Martin CHEUNG

by LO Chi Kit

禮尚往來‧再往來 --- 粵港年青藝術家聯展






Curatorial Note:
“The Art of Reciprocity” Hong Kong & Guangzhou Young Artists Exchange Art Exhibition

There used to be a railway between Hong Kong and Guangzhou back then. This railway line was closed in October 1949, and was re-opened in 1979 when the mainland started its open economy. With the restoration of the transportation system, many Cantonese who illegally immigrated to Hong Kong in the 60’s and 70’s could started going “back” to visit, along with different material assistance for their mainland relatives.

Between the handover of 1997 and 2005, Hong Kong had an economic downturn, while the mainland was having a strong bull market, and also a hot art scene for contemporary art. With a nice grasp of the art of reciprocity, the mainland took the initiative to give economic assistance to Hong Kong. With this gift that also brought forth some luck, Hong Kong’s economy became healthier since 2006.

Back again
Even though the big bomb for the contemporary art scene in the mainland did not light up the art bomb in Hong Kong, sixteen local young artists still feel thankful and would like to send gifts “back” in return. Studying the histories, cultures and life-styles of the two places, these artists design and make gifts for Guangzhou in attempt to provoke a new trend of non-material assistance.

Forth again
Invited by Fei Gallery, sixteen young artists from Guangzhou will also politely send their gifts to Hong Kong, bringing forth artworks which intricately portrays the history, culture and other visual experiences in Canton under the ideology of “Observing Guangdong” Hopefully, this series of tactical art gifts can set off the art bomb of Hong Kong this time.

The fifteen presents that are full of the artistic believes and personal tastes of the new art generation from Hong Kong will be carried in fifteen rattan suitcases and presented to Hong Kong audience, together with the sixteen art pieces by the young artists from Guangzhou.

by TANG Kwok Hin

by LEE Chun Fung

by CHU Yiu Wai

by AU Wah Yan

by Clara CHEUNG

by Damon TONG

by Damon TONG

by Vangi FONG