Art Education Philosophy
We believe a successful artwork must be able to reveal a strong concept of the artist. Therefore, the teaching philosophy of C&G is to free the students from the original boundaries they are entrapped in, and allow them to have freedom to choose the themes they would like to explore artistically, and the way they would like to present themselves. The role of the instructors is to provide various tools, like the usage of the visual art language, various art-making techniques, critical thinking skills etc., to help students develop unique artworks that can reveal their own concepts.

Course Info
Encouraging a small class size, the ratio between teachers and students is no more than 1:10. Each session lasts 90 mins.

Course Fee
The course fee is HK$195 per session(1.5 hour@) for all ages ($780 for 4 sessions). There will be no extra fee for canvas, paints and other art-making materials.

Students are welcome to schedule individual sessions anytime during the opening hours for art courses:
Sun, Mon: 2pm - 7:30pm
Thur,Fri: 9:45am - 11:45am and 2pm-9:30pm
Sat: 11am-7:30pm

Contact us: 23909332/

Micro Creativity Workshop Series, with local artists & curators

Regular Courses:
>>Art Courses for Children(4-12 yr)
--Acrylic Painting Courses and Sketch Drawing Courses

>>Art Courses for Teens(>12 yr)
--Oil Painting Course and Sketch Drawing Courses

>>Art Courses for Adults
--Oil Painting Courses and Sketch Drawing Courses

>>Art Day Camp for schools
--(Chinese version only)