Artworks by C&G --- Clara Cheung & Gum Cheng
Title:"Marching Toy"---- The series of “The July 1st Couple” (2009)

Title:"The Marching Toy"
-----The series of “The July 1st Couple,”

Material: Acrylic board, wood stick
Date of performance:1 July, 2009
Place of performance:Wan Chai to Central, Hong Kong
Name of artwork recorder:CHU Yiu Wai

Concept: Our daughter is two and a half, and is very curious about everything around. She likes to run around here and there, and always likes to run faster than everyone. Taking her along to the July 1st March, is a way to show our her demonstration is a way to voice out our opinion and this is a basic right a citizen has.

For this year, we make a piece of toy (which is like one of our daughter's) with C&G's figures on top, and wheels at the bottom. When our daughter walks, she can also pulls the us forward, in order to demonstrate the new generation will keep on building this civic society by all means.

作品名稱: 七‧一新人系列2009 — 前進的玩具

創作日期: 2009年7月1日
創作地點: 香港 灣仔至中環




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