Artworks by C&G --- Clara Cheung & Gum Cheng
Title:"The Three Walking Together "---- The series of “The July 1st Couple” (2007)

Title:"The Three Walking Together"
---- The series of “The July 1st Couple,”

Material:Wood board, mirror sheet, ribbon
Date of performance:1 July, 2007
Place of performance:Wan Chai to Central, Hong Kong
Name of artwork recorder:CHENG Yi Wa

These two pieces are part of the performance art series about marriage by C&G. This series has happened on every July 1st in the handover demostration since 2003. Here are the two major agendas behind:
1. to re-examine the concepts of private and public
2. to fully utilize the site-specific and time-specific features of performance art in response of society

On July 1st, 2007, C&G put a mirror on their back in the demonstration, with their baby together in a stroller. In the shape of their backs in 2004’s July 1st parade, this mirror helps other people in the demonstration to look into how Hong Kong was doing and why they were demonstrating.

作品名稱:七‧一新人系列2007 — 仨人行

創作材料: 木板、鏡膠、絲帶
創作地點:香港 灣仔至中環

這是C & G以結婚為主題的系列式的行為藝術作品之一,這系列作品於每年7月1日香港回歸日的大遊行(第一次於2003年7月1日進行及後每年同日舉行,至今)期間進行,主要目的有二:
1. 重新審視私人與公共的概念
2. 發揮行為藝術切時切地的特質去即時回應社會

2007年7月1日,C & G背著其於2004年遊行時的背影的人形的鏡,與孩子一家三口遊行,目的讓其他遊行人士在遊行期間,透過這面鏡子看看自己的反映,觀察別人的反映以及香港反映的,寓意讓遊行人士趁機反思一下自己,和思考別人為甚麼遊行,遊行為甚麼。

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