Artworks by C&G --- Clara Cheung & Gum Cheng
“Re-re-presentation” C&G's Self Portraits Exhibition in 2006

“Re-re-presentation” C&G's Self Portraits Exhibition (2006)

Artists: Clara Cheung and Cheng Yee-Man(Gum)
Exhibition period: 1July, 2006(Sat) - 12July, 2006(Wed)
Exhibition venue: 1a Space, Unit 14, Cattle Depot Artist Village, 63 Ma Tau Kok Road, Kowloon, HK

Concept of the exhibit:

With a strong belief to uphold the close relationship between art and the society, Clara and Gum (C&G) participated in the July 1st parades dressed in traditional Chinese wedding costumes, to inject a “does of happiness” (Chong xi) in (the society). On 1st July in 2005, they distributed postcards to the passers-by and asked them to express opinions by writing or drawing on the cards. Through performance art and mailing, it formed a collective force to appeal to the new chief executive.

On 1st July this year, Clara and Gum will review their parades in the past few years, by employing the media sources to re-re-present their actions. The exhibition will display Gum and Clara’s paintings which are the reflective documentation of their self -impressions. They re-capture the reportage of their performance at 1st July parades in 2004 and 2005, and by drawing the self-portraits to review the presence of their past performance art. In the process, they reflect on the use of media and see how it portrays their images. It stimulates us to see how the media(other) see ourselves and it involves a re-interpretation of the concept of self-portrait. Besides, the exhibition will also display the postcards collected by Clara and Gum after the 1st July parade in 2005, and the interactive installation and video works related to 1st July parades.

《再三自讀》七一新人自畫像 展覽 (2006)

參展藝術家:張嘉莉 及 鄭怡敏(C&G)
展覽日期:2006年7月1日(星期六) 至7月12日(星期三)
展覽地點:香港 九龍 土瓜灣 馬頭角道63號 牛棚藝術村14號 1a空間

基於對藝術與社會生活無界限的信念,Clara & Gum(C&G)在2004年7月1日,穿著中國傳統婚禮禮服,在7‧1遊行大隊中舉行了《7.1遊行訂婚》,為遊行人士沖喜。 2005年7月1日,在《又又遊行》中,C&G肩負著自己2004年遊行的背影與期望,向群眾派發明信片,請市民在明信片上以文字或圖畫發表自己意見,並寄回給他們, 透過行為藝術 及 郵遞藝術,去給予市民另類的方式發表意見,企圖向港府、新特首進行集體訴求。我們認為今年的7‧1是個合適的時間,去審視過去幾年的遊行使命。 在過程中,我們借助了一面社會鏡子——傳播媒體——再三自讀。

傳媒對現今社會之人、事、物的影響極巨。傳媒資訊跨界別、跨階層、跨地域、跨文化交叉衝擊我們。資訊爆棚,在傳媒的猛烈攻勢下,資訊卻很容易瞬間湮沒。 傳媒的角色既重要又模糊。在傳媒的鏡頭過濾與文字消化後,曾經被傳媒記錄過的自我影像,與真實的自我究竟會是怎麼一回事?

是次展出的繪畫作品是我們C&G對自己的印象記錄,重畫2004年7月2日及2005年7月2日香港報章報導C&G於2004及05年7‧1遊行期間進行之行為藝術作品的報導。 該些「自畫像」不但令自己審視當時的行為藝術作品,亦反思傳媒如何刻劃自己,更深一層次是,我們如何看傳媒(別人)眼中的自己,這是對自畫像概念的重新演繹。 另外,亦會展出2005年7月1日遊行期間,C & G派發給市民經他們發表意見後寄回來的明信片,及關於7‧1遊行的互動裝置藝術及錄像作品。

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