Artworks by C&G --- Clara Cheung & Gum Cheng
Title:"Again Demonstration"---- The series of “The July 1st Couple” (2005)

-----The series of “The July 1st Couple,”

Material: woodboard, sticker, ribbon
Date of performance:1 July, 2005
Place of performance:Wan Chai to Central, Hong Kong
Name of artwork recorder:CHU Yiu Wai

This is part of the performance art series about marriage by C&G. This series has happened on every July 1st in the handover demonstration since 2004.

On 2004 July 1st, C&G (Clara & Gum), wearing traditional Chinese wedding gowns, had their engagement ceremony during the demonstration in order to bring some joy to the people being disappointed by the local government, and also to closely connect their own significant event with the important issue for Hong Kong society.

On 2005 July 1st, C&G went on demonstration with the image of their backs from the past year and invited passersby to express their earnest expectations for the government through text or images on C&G’s postcards and then return. Through performance art and mail art, Hongkongers will have an alternative way to express their collective desire.

作品名稱: 七‧一新人系列2005 — 又又遊行

創作日期: 2005年7月1日
創作地點: 香港 灣仔至中環

這是C & G以結婚為主題的系列式的行為藝術作品之 一,這系列作品於每年7月1日香港回歸日的大遊行(第一次於2004年7月1日進行及後每年同日舉行,至今)期間進行。

2004年7月1日,C&G(Clara & Gum)穿上中式結婚禮服,遊行訂婚,為當時怨氣瀰漫的香港「沖喜」,把二人的人生大事與香港的社會大事緊扣起來,為下一代作歷史的見證。

2005年7月1日,C&G肩負著自己往年遊行的背影與期望,向群眾派發明信片,請市民在明信片上以文字或圖畫發表自己意見,並寄回給他們,透過行為藝術 及 郵遞藝術,去給予市民另類的方式發表意見,企圖向港府、新特首進行集體訴求。」

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