Artworks by C&G --- Clara Cheung & Gum Cheng
Title:"Sunshine in front of the bed"---- The series of “The July 1st Couple” (2010)

Title:"Sunshine in front of the bed"
-----The series of “The July 1st Couple,”

Material: Acrylic board, umberlla
Date of performance:1 July, 2010
Place of performance:Wan Chai to Central, Hong Kong
Name of artwork recorder:CHU Yiu Wai, Edwood Yung, Carol Chan

Concept: In 2010, we pushed the baby bed that our daughter has slept in to the street. Above the bed is a custom made baby mobile, made with a huge umbrella, along with eight transparent plates of our family. The eight plates represent how we have proceeded since 2003. The umbrella turns as we walk on. At this moment, Clara actually has another baby in her tummy waiting to sleep in this bed.
Years after years, we hope that the next generation can understand we have tried to fight a better future for them, to fight for a society with justice.

作品名稱: 七‧一新人系列2010 — 床前太陽光

創作日期: 2010年7月1日
創作地點: 香港 灣仔至中環
作品記錄人姓名:朱耀煒,翁志考, Carol Chan



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